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Computer problem

Post by Boomer » Tue May 30, 2006 11:55 am

I am having trouble with my computer....I can't download from any websites with internet explorer and I can't load new programs or do a system restore....It just comes up blank....Will reinstalling windows help?? Will I lose data (pictures) if I try to reinstall????

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Post by JohnW » Tue May 30, 2006 2:30 pm

Hmmm. I would reccomend trying the following....

My first guess is you may have aquired a browser hijacker or "helpfull" tool bar that is fubaring things. Look in the Control Panels and run the Add/Remove programs control panel. Anything new or suspicious ? If so, see if it will uninstall. Anyting that says "....toolbar" would be where I start.

Oh, and another you have more than one user account ? If so, login to another user and see if the problem still exists. You may just need to save you stuff in new folders and delete the affected user.

Beyond that....

1) Go into IE and delete all temp files and even cookies. That should be under the Tools menu, then Options.

2) Also, under Tools, you will find an Advanced tab. Choose it and tell it to use the defualt settings.

( Reboot at this point. )

3) If you can, browse to and run their Active Scan utility. It's free. It won't fix things, but it will tell you want is in need of fixing. Click on the Detailed Report button near the top.( It USED to fix things, but now they want you to buy the REAL thing. ) This may not run, as you will be asked to allow them to install ActiveX Controls, which will then be DOWNLOADED. Hopefully, the first two steps may have gotten this to work. If it DOES work, do screen shots of the list of things in the report so you can hunt them down !

Finally, if yo uhave Windows XP Pro, you can reinstall it over the top of it's self, and it will only replace the files it knows about, and not your pictures. Probably the best bet is to go buy a thumb drive and back up all you photos to that FIRST ! ( This assumes it will let you install the drivers for it. ) If this fails, what abotu a CD/RW ? Do you have one with software already on it ? If so, save any important files to that first.

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