A port traffic monitor ?

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A port traffic monitor ?

Post by JohnW »

I need to find a port monitor for windows XP. I've seen some, but the ones that sound good, my antivirus deletes before I can hit the download button ! They show up in the spy-ware catagory, it's tells me.

Here's why. Like a number of gamers, I can NOT get rFactor to let me host a session, with my current setup. By the instructions, all you need to do is open ports 24447 ( TCP ) and 34297 and 34397 ( UDP ) and all should work. Well, it's ain't that easy. With my DSL line, I would remove my router and test with just my computer, to see what is stopping the ports from being seen as open. With FIOS, I don't think I can do that. The wireless router is part of the package. I may call Verizon to verify this. Even in DMZ mode, the rFactor server test fails and until that is passed, the game will not let you be announced on the matchmaker host.

What I want to be able to do is verify if the ports are open on the computer BEFORE it hits the router, and then see what is being sent out of the router.

I probably need to contact a hacker type, to find out how to do this. :?
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