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Home video editing

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2007 8:19 am
by Boomer
I got a new camcorder and I am trying to load my home movies onto my computer, then make them into nice dvd's.....Whats a good progam to use for this?? Does anybody have a Mac?? I keep hearing how great they are for stuff like that...

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2007 12:13 pm
by F1Addict
I've always used Adobe Premier on a PC, I hear it's easier on a Mac.

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2007 2:30 pm
by Pace Racing
Adobe premiere is very powerful, but can have a steep learning curve. Once you figure it out though, you can do a lot. I would personally recommend the Windows Movie Maker. It's actually pretty powerful, and has great wizards and preview screens that make the job super easy, and very professional looking. And of course, the learning curve is much easier. That's all I used to make FiHS pt.2, and for comparison, I used WMM and Adobe Premiere in FiHS 2005.

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2007 3:06 pm
by Boomer
Cool I will try WMM I need easy..not powerful...thanks!!!