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How are YOU backing up ?

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 9:33 pm
by JohnW
Tonight, I had a bit of a computer scare. After installing a Line 6 UX1 Pod Studio device and messing around with it, the program crashed, but was still feeding audio. It was odd. So I rebooted. The computer would go no further than the logic board splash screen. I couldn't use a keyboard to get to the BIOS or boot menu or anything. You instantly start thinking about all the stuff you'll have to reload, if the HD is part of the problem. Can I get another of these mother boards ? What the heck just happened !

It turned out, after unplugging every peripheral, and no change, I found I had to unplug my hard drive. Once it was not part of the system, the computer went past that splash screen. I plugged the HD back in and everything worked. I spend the next 2 hours backing up my important folders. I think I may need to get another HD and migrate stuff.

A couple of questions.

1) What good to make back-ups with, these days. I used to use Norton Ghost, but that may not be a good current option these days.

2) Is there any new software to duplicate a drive so I don't have to reinstall EVERYTHING ? Again, I used to use Notron Ghost to make an image of the drive to reinstall.