Reverse issue wit wheels in rFactor 2

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Reverse issue wit wheels in rFactor 2

Post by JohnW » Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:15 pm

I think I found a solution to an issue I have with my G25 wheel and rF2. Looking at each file, this could also be an issue with a few other wheels, such as Ferrari F1 T500, the Logitech Driving Force GT, The Logitech Momo Racing, and the Thrustmaster T500.

The issue is that during a down shift sequence, I was occasionally getting a jump to Reverse Gear out of nowhere. This causes an instant spin. I had no button mapped for R and I did have a button mapped for Neutral, which means I can NOT just downshift passed 1st gear into N. What I found is that in the ini file for my G25 and those others, there is a setting for " Alternate Neutral Activation = "1" ". What this allows is that if you press both paddles at the same time it drops you into Neutral. One more click of the downshift paddle gives you Reverse. So, if your paddles shift with a light touch, and you have FFB set to it can shake the wheel, such as on curbs, you could get a rare double paddle hit with your fingers resting on them, and then your next downshift. That equals Reverse.

So, if you have one of those wheels, in rFactor 2, and FFB on enough ( I have my FFB set to 2.0 ) you can get a reverse gear at the worst time. I just set my wheel setting to "0", like the other wheels in rF2 and that should clear it up.

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