Motec with fRactor 2 ( 2018 version )

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Motec with fRactor 2 ( 2018 version )

Post by JohnW » Wed Apr 11, 2018 7:14 pm

To any and all.

I read the post Janos created in SRH about installing Motec. I wanted to get some comments here to continue that. ... -rfactor-2

As of now, does Motec only work with rF2 in 32 bit mode ? If so, what do you LOSE by running rF2 in 32 bit mode ?

Where is the log file folder located by default. Sean seemed to have it in a hidden place for the last 2 years ?

Does Motec still work well enough to be useful in the Steam version of rFactor ?

How much of a hit do you take in fps or CPU load while running Motec in the background while testing ?

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