Online heat placement policy

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Online heat placement policy

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14. Should the server be down or inaccessible, the race will be broken into heats, which will be run simultaneously. Heat placement is always provisional, and dependent on server load and attendance fluctuations. If the event is being conducted in heats, you must follow the host’s directions if you are asked to switch heats, regardless of whether you earned the right to race in a particular heat.
To make sure everyone gets the same chance for a decent race, to allow for absenteeism and keep server loads optimised, everyone should be aware that heat membership is provisional and may be altered at any time by the race hosts up until the start of the race.

At first, heats will be split by teams, with the first driver in each team joining one heat and the second joining the other. However, this will be subject to change depending on team attendance to maintain approximately equal numbers of competitors in each heat. Typically this means that if Heat 2 is short of 2 drivers, a driver from Heat 1 will be asked to switch heats to even out the numbers. Conversely, if Heat 1 is short of drivers, a driver from Heat 2 will be bumped up appropriately. We also may ask you to switch heats if your connection is causing problems, in the hope that a change of server solves the difficulty.

When you do join a server, please therefore pay attention to messages from the host and if necessary, switch heat if requested to do so. If you find your connection dropped, it may be because you didn't see your switch request and were booted for the sake of holding the race on time. And please also join the correct server to begin with. You will be booted if you join the wrong room.

The hosts will maintain a presence on MSN if you need to clarify your heat status. We therefore recommend once again that all participants register an MSN Messenger name or they may find that they miss information critical to participation.

At the end of the race, server replays from each host will be collected and the lap times compiled to form an integrated finishing order based on finishing times for each competitor in each heat. Therefore, it is advisable that even if you are racing comfortably all by yourself in your heat, it would be advisable to keep pushing, because you're competing against the clock and the racers in the other heat just as much as you're competing against those racers in your heat.

Any race that must be run in heats forces suspension of rule 8g:
8g. The weather will be set to RANDOM for all sessions.
Since competitors in each heat are indirectly competing with competitors from the other heat, it will be impossible to run random weather and guarantee a level playing field. Any and all heat races will therefore be run in Dry conditions.