Equipment failure policy

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Equipment failure policy

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In light of a recent incident where a driver claimed that a faulty controller was the reason he couldn't always remain legally on the track, I wanted to clarify how this type of situation is viewed by the judges.

In short, controller failure and in general, any hardware, software or connection problems related to your PC is viewed as car trouble.

With that in mind, we only have to look at <A HREF=" ... ">Appendix L of the FIA Sporting Code</A>, Chapter IV, Part 2f for the answer:
the repetition of serious mistakes or the appearance of a lack
of control over the car (such as leaving the track) may entail the
exclusion of the drivers concerned.
...or if you're Rocco,
la répétition de fautes graves ou l’évidence d’un manque
de maîtrise de la voiture (telle que sortie de piste) pourront
entraîner la mise hors course des conducteurs en question.
In other words, as a driver, it's your responsibility to drive cleanly whatever the situation. If you can't stay on the track then you are a safety hazard and should park your car offroad until the end of the race. Aside from anything else, the judges have no way to tell if something is wrong with your controller, so it can't be considered as definitive evidence.