Breaking the Land Speed Record (Part 2)

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Breaking the Land Speed Record (Part 2)

Post by Guest » Wed Apr 07, 2004 10:56 pm

Hats Off To The Real Heroes Of Speed

"Can we break the Land Speed Record?" Whether I could propel my vehicle beyond 766 mph was the burning question, the overwhelming mystery that drove all of these efforts. Such mysteries have driven men insane and killed others. Imagine the heartbreak of the Thrust SSC team when they beat the record, turned around and did it again, but failed to make it official by a matter of minutes. Before we proceed on our romantic quest for counsel with the gods of velocity, keep in mind that Andy Green holds one record I have already failed to equal: he didn't die. I can't tell you how many times I have sailed over the barrier and into the forest, literally becoming one with nature. Once I started experimenting with ride heights, 500 mph backflips were commonplace for a while. When things go wrong at LSR speeds, they tend to go wrong in the most final of ways. The good news from the point of view of one who might seek fame is that if you succeed, you get on the news; if you don't, they just read your obituary.

<IMG SRC="/2004/articles/lsr/flip.gif">
This happens a lot

Now For The Hard Part

When we last put our LSR F2002 to sleep for the night, it had completed a run of 840 kph (522 mph) and was feeling nervous about its immediate future. Getting there was the easy part of the job, but it was going to take perseverance and imagination to uncover ways to go faster. Downforce was critical; too much and the car would bottom out. Too little, and we became an aeroplane. More than anything, it was extremely hard to control the power delivery below 150 kph. Just getting from the pits to the runway was a frustrating and tiring exercise and slowed down the process of setting up the car tremendously, but I was determined to see it through.

Diary of a Record-Breaker (part 2)

19th August 2003 (day 26). We traced the problem of power leakage through the clutch at low speed (for now) by increasing the value of Baulk Torque. We reduced the downforce generated by the diffuser to 30% over stock and altered the suspension to allow more packers. With the car handling well, we tuned the engine up to 8070.7 HP. MLP acted as co-pilot to take the screenshots, allowing the driver to be more precise and keep both hands on the wheel.
New speed: 906.0 kph (563.0 mph).

<IMG SRC="/2004/articles/lsr/runway.gif">
This is where you want to attempt a LSR

It was time to say good-bye to Le Mans, for a marble-smooth airfield called "Airbase" we had just received permission to use. It was much easier to control the vehicle on this surface, and acceleration was much more progressive and predictable. The diffuser was immediately replaced by the stock model because we didn't need as much downforce on such a smooth track, and the speedometer sang. A more efficient aero package with 20% less drag was long overdue. I could feel the difference it made to the car's ability to accelerate.
New speed: 992.0 kph (616.4 mph).

<IMG SRC="/2004/articles/lsr/992_kph.gif">
992 kph, or is it a tape counter?

Now the stage was set to really crank things up. We installed our final engine mod, a massive 9088.8 HP beast. Despite gigantic increases to Baulk Torque, it was so difficlt to control that we even tried front wheel drive and four wheel drive, but there was too much power loss through the flimsy front wheels. Diffuser efficiency was reduced to 10% under stock.
New speed: 1018.7 kph (633.0 mph).

Approaching the LSR, it was finally decided to upgrade the brakes. They grip the discs with double the previous force, and the temperature range at which they can operate was greatly increased since they are always cold when used, but then get much hotter than normal F1 temperatures. Body aero drag was reduced a further 20%. The effect the brake and radiator ducts have on drag were halved. The car is bottoming out at top speed again. Baulk Torque was doubled but the car still wants to drive itself.
New speed: 1081.5 kph (672.0 mph).

<IMG SRC="/2004/articles/lsr/fullspeed.gif">
The runway allows 16 seconds of accelration before we have to turn around

After trying many different ways to keep the car off the ground, we decided that only drastic measures had a chance of success. A completely new aero design resulted in a 50% reduction in drag, while chassis modifications brought about a weight loss of 100 kg. We gained so much speed that we had to lengthen the final drive ratio again. It was decided that extra packers would be risked despite the deliterious effect on framerate. In a last throw of the dice, the semi-automatic transmission mode was disabled. This resulted in a much improved situation with respect to the power leakage through the clutch.
New speed: 1223.1 kph (760.0 mph).

20th August (day 27). Diffuser downforce and aerodynamic drag were cut by another 5%, and the stage was set to push the car over the edge of the Land Speed Record, which it did with over 3 mph to spare. The runway is not long enough to allow this speed to be maintained for more than a few seconds much less the measured mile, and so our record remains unofficial. But we did it :)
New speed: 1239.2 kph (770.0 mph).

<IMG SRC="/2004/articles/lsr/769_mph.gif">
769 mph and home for tea. Top speed attained was 770


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so how exactly do you design a new engine package?

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All of the vehicle parameters are in the .veh file, eg. SeasonData\Vehicles\Ferrari\2002_F2002\2002_Ferrari.hdv and engine.ini in the same folder. I learned which things to change with assistance from Philo in the beginning, and then a lot of trial and error.

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Ok cool. Thanks.

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Re: Breaking the Land Speed Record (Part 2)

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I guess the design problem is not the engine, but keeping the car from turning into a plane!

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Re: Breaking the Land Speed Record (Part 2)

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You get the record for restarting a zombie thread, Jickmagger !

10 years !

Welcome to the forum. :)

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