Contentious Contact

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Contentious Contact

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Is it a good idea to begin posting replay examples of racing incidents whereby contact responsibility is contentious?

Having a storage of such incidents begun there could be (if there isn't already something available in this League) a reference of incidents where determinations have already been made and contests of accountability measure up relatively speaking.

My experience in this League is very limited at this point but I can already provide 2 examples.

During what appeared to be a full course yellow I ran into the back of the car ahead of me as the car ahead slowed down behind the Pace car; while my attention was diverted to the busy chat text. Not being anything worth contesting on my part such an incident was entirely due to my negligence, inattention, lack of care, my responsibility.

During the race I mistook a car that had just passed and sped away with a car that was slower and I ran into the back of it, but that car appeared to slow down suddenly on a full throttle section of the track, so that case serves as a contentious case, one that I would protest were there a penalty counted against me, and more importantly the record of that account would be working to mold my behavior on the track in the future.

This viewpoint communicated now intends to work to remove some of the ambiguity, doubt, wiggle room, or contentions involved in the stuff that none of us really want, but in the heat of racing there may be actions that, for that moment, intend to cause accidents. The ides is on my mind right after watching the Maldonado/Hamilton incident in the last lap of the European GP in Valencia 2012.
The stewards later ruled that Maldonado had caused the collision for failing to rejoin the track in a safe manner, and imposed a 20 second penalty to his race time. ... 6020120624

The judges, as far as I can see, could go either way. I would not dispute either decision, one way or the other, but for the record that decision was made and therefore a similar incident with the opposite decision would be contradictory and therefore confusing to someone driving in similar conditions whereby the balance between going for it, last chance before the end of the race, and holding back could be entirely left up to random chance rather than an obvious standard of acceptable and unacceptable driving.
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Re: Contentious Contact

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We review all the contact that occurs in the race, be reviewing the replay and the server logs. We send out notifications about it to the drivers and assign penalties. Drivers are usually give the opportunity to defend them selves, but over turning a call is rare. If they submit a replay that shows another car warped out and came back right in front of them, for instance, we will reconsider.

It has been our policy to not post replays or screen shots in the open forum. It tends to get guys more frustrated. It has worked better to keep it in PMs and in a professional manner than call guys out in public.
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