Official Results of Round 7 - Canada

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Official Results of Round 7 - Canada

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The provisional results are up in the results section.


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We apologize for the delay in posting the official results for Canada, but there were several different incidents the judging panel has been thoroughly looking at and discussing. There was only one change to the final results, but several penalties have been handed out. I will add a bit of background to each so everyone understands what we look at when judging incidents between drivers.

The first incident was between Danny and RacerScott. On lap one Danny was following RS and driving behind a train of cars. Unfortunately Danny was caught out by what appeared to be a lack of practice driving in traffic at the track. He missed his brake point and slammed RS, ending his race. Given Danny's clean background and the fact that the judging panel agreed that the contact was not the result of an aggressive dive, but rather just a missed brake point, we voted for a 10 spot grid penalty at the next round in Indy. We just couldn't assess any time penalty that could make up for taking another driver out on lap 1.

The next incident was between Josh and Daniel Johnson. There were actually two separate penalties for this incident. Josh was behind DJ heading into the Hairpin, and hit him from behind, sending DJ into the wall damaging his car. Josh then kept going, not waiting for DJ to re pass him. DJ did miss a corner before which allowed Josh to close the gap quickly, but the judging panel was unanimous in assigning none of the blame for the contact to DJ. Therefore, we are assessing Josh a time penalty equivalent to a front wing change (which is the minimum damage he caused to DJ), which is around 30 seconds based on the race report pit times + 10 seconds for the wing. This time penalty could have been longer, but DJ did not immediately pit to repair the damage, then did more on his own, so we had no way to penalize Josh for any more damage then the wing which was clearly lost. This penalty drops Josh down to third place, and moves Ian up to second. For not waiting for DJ he will also receive a 4 spot grid penalty at Indy.
The third incident involved Daniel Johnson and Danny. After the contact mentioned above between DJ and Josh, DJ passed the pits and stayed out for another lap, which was a big mistake. He ended up having some weird gear problems, and actually ended up accidentally putting the car in reverse and spinning on track. Danny was coming up behind his spun Spyker, and had to go off track to miss him, sending him into the wall and significantly damaging his car. While we decided not to penalize DJ for being an obstacle on track that caused Danny's crash, we have decided on a 10 spot grid penalty at Indy for not pitting the car when he should have. Driving an unsafe car on track is a danger to other drivers, and in this case Danny Boy paid the price. If you damage your car, pit as soon as you can!

The last incident involved Mauricio and KoolBrown. KoolBrown spun on his own, then Mauricio hit him while he was stopped backwards on track. This incident took very intense scrutiny from the panel because it looked like it may have been just a racing incident. In the end, we did decide to penalize Mauricio for hitting KB under a yellow flag situation, given that he had enough time to miss him. I'm including some video of the incident. What we deemed the action that could have been avoided was Mauricio's late decision to really slow to avoid KB. In the video you will see the rpm gauge zoomed in on. What we saw was Mauricio actually give a little gas through the first corner (the right hander) which had he been braking would have been just enough to miss KB. In the second part (from the TV angle) you can see that Mauricio actually drifted wide of the racing line when he made contact. Had his apex been tighter, he would have missed KB. Unfortunately the damage KB sustained was major to the suspension, and he ended up pitting for 3 minutes. In this incident, KB did pit, so we can assess a somewhat accurate time penalty. The problem is that there was already damage to KB's car before the contact, although it was significantly worse after. Assuming that Mauricio was responsible for about 2/3 of the damage to KB's car (based on watching KB's car before and after contact), that would mean a 2 minute penalty for Mauricio. Beyond that, we saw no reason for a grid penalty. Mauricio should have slowed more to avoid contact, but KB has equal blame in my opinion, for spinning while driving a car with damaged suspension. We realize that 2 minutes won't effect Mauricio's finishing position, but that's just luck. We have to be consistent in our penalties. It could have easily cost him several spots. I would also like to add that we all feel Mauricio is an excellent driver, but unfortunately this yellow flag incident seemed to catch him out a bit.
Drivers Championship:

1. Merlin - 56 points
2. MarcoPolo - 29 points
3. Ian - 27 points
4. Pace Racing - 24 points
5. Oculus Dexter - 24 points
6. RacerScott - 24 points
7. cks - 18 points
8. JoshJ81 - 17 points
9. Mauricio - 16 points
10. Ultimo_Posto - 11 points
11. Akuma - 8 points
12. John65Stang - 5 points
13. Scott Brown - 4 points
14. Paul Valentine - 3 points
15. Daniel Johnson - 2 points
16. Boomer - 1 point
Constructors Championship:

1. McLaren - 60 points
2. Ferrari - 35 points
3. HondaF1 - 35 points
4. Renault - 29 points
5. BMW Sauber - 27 points
6. Spyker - 26 points
7. Scuderia Toro Rosso - 24 points
8. Toyota - 19 points
9. Red Bull Racing - 10 points
10. Williams - 4 points

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I think Merlin's car must have a 1000 kg penalty (joke) :D :D :D :D .
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he won't need it, once I get the right mind and race clean :D
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Post by Mauricio » time may be I will stop the car, get down, see how is KB doing, help him restarting his car, get back to mine, turn on the great Toyota and finally continue with no penalties at all.
(That was a joke)
No problem....but time don't be that mad when your car is spun in the middle of a turn.
Thanks all for the patience.

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