Official Results for Round 8 at Indianapolis

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Official Results for Round 8 at Indianapolis

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The results of the FiHSF1 United States Grand Prix are official, and the standings have been updated to reflect these results as you will see below. The final results remain unchanged, however two incidents were reviewed and warnings have been issued.

The first incident involved Pete who made contact with C2F on lap 4 of the event, causing damage and repairs to both cars. Pete did not wait for, nor heed position to C2F following the incident and so a warning has been given to Pete for this incident.
28. Drivers who punt an opponent stand a much better chance of avoiding penalty if they wait for the other car to retake its position. If your opponent needs to pit to repair the damage, you should therefore wait until his repairs are complete and allow him to rejoin the track ahead of you, or your sporting gesture may be in vain. The salient point that will be judged upon is that no one should take some one's place illegally. Whenever a car spins off in front of you and you're close enough to that car to think that there might be the slightest possibility that you punted them due to a lag hit, it is your responsibility to stop and wait for that driver to regain the track. Failure to do so will invite penalty by the judging panel.
The second incident involved Akuma and J-Dog on lap 43 of the event. After having been lapped by Akuma, J-Dog attempts to overtake Akuma, whom he is a lap down from, and in doing so moves over into Akuma's racing line before completely clearing Akuma. This move caused a considerable impact for both drivers, and both were fortunate to have no sustained serious damage. Having been lapped by Akuma, J-Dog pass attempt was inadvisable, however, J-Dog receives a warning for the avoidable contact incurred when he moved across Akuma on track. Due to Akuma seemingly having not sustained damage forcing him to pit, and J-Dog lack of incidents so far this season, this incident will only a stern warning.
Drivers Championship:

1. Merlin - 66 points
2. MarcoPolo - 33 points
3. RacerScott - 32 points
4. Pace Racing - 29 points
5. Ian - 27 points
6. Oculus Dexter - 24 points
7. Mauricio - 22 points
8. cks - 18 points
9. JoshJ81 - 17 points
10. Ultimo_Posto - 11 points
11. Akuma - 8 points
12. Scott Brown - 7 points
13. John65Stang - 6 points
14. Paul Valentine - 3 points
15. Boomer - 3 point
16. Daniel Johnson - 2 points
Constructors Championship:

1. McLaren - 72 points
2. Ferrari - 40 points
3. HondaF1 - 35 points
4. Renault - 33 points
5. Scuderia Toro Rosso - 32 points
6. BMW Sauber - 27 points
7. Spyker - 26 points
8. Toyota - 25 points
9. Red Bull Racing - 11 points
10. Williams - 7 points
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I am vary sorry for the contact with Akuma. The pas was made because i was faster at that point. The move over on him was ALL fault. I dont know why or what happened there. Again vary sorry for the contact.
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