Official Race Results, Round 6: Montreal

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Official Race Results, Round 6: Montreal

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After reviewing the race and all of the drivers who ran long enough to get points, changes in the order have been made. First, I want to remind EVERYONE about one of our rules.
26. It is each driver’s responsibility to drive cleanly whatever the situation. If you can't stay on the track (whether through car damage, computer, connection or controller problems) then you are a safety hazard and should park your car off road until the end of the race.
Beyond that, it has been our goal to try and host realistic races, in such that we don't allow any driving that would NOT be allowed in the real F1 series. That is the basis of many of our driving conduct rules.

After watching the replay of this race, a few drivers, in an attempt to finish the race, continued in an unrealistic condition. Brakes that no longer worked and missing wings. That is not a condition that would be allowed to continue in the real world. So, at the point where they should have pulled into the pits, and did not, their scoring was stopped. While this was close to the end of the race, and they will still be in the points, this does change the final order.

Detective Lion, Sean Higgins, and Pete, all ran multiple laps with bad brakes and then lost either a front or rear wing due to multiple spins. Strangely enough, it happened on the same lap for all of them. Lap 52. I used the race timer to determine their order.

If anyone would like to talk to me about this, please feel free to do so, but use the private message function rather than adding to this thread.

Official Finishing Order:

1) Aldo
2) David_Webb ( 55 laps )
3) Detective_Lion ( 52 laps @ 68:22 )
4) Pete ( 52 laps @ 68:57 )
5) Sean Higgins ( 52 laps @ 69:11 )
6) KoolBrown ( 50 laps )
7) Thrill21 ( 50 laps )
8 ) Twrx ( 49 laps )
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hehe you got me there cpt.