2013 ROUND 4: Bahrain Pre/Post Race

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Re: 2013 ROUND 4: Bahrain Pre/Post Race

Post by stuff »

Congrats to Glyn on his first win :)

Race: I made a decent start into the first corner but was bit too cautious and Glyn was able to get around the outside, for the next few laps I just followed him about a second back and on lap 4 or 5 he spun in the hairpin and I took the lead. After that I was just focusing on being consistent and had about a 10s lead before Glyn made his second stop. I was planning on having mine on around lap 35, and I was pretty confident I could just cruise to the finish at that point. But then on around 33 or so, I was going down the back straight and just lost power. I looked in the mirrors and saw a trail of smoke. I guess when I was adjusting my setup for Bahrain I hadn't noticed the engine temps, looking at the telemetry afterwards they were about 10 degrees higher than normal and that was enough to cause it to fail. It was a pretty disappointing way to retire and I'll be sure not to let it happen again.
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Re: 2013 ROUND 4: Bahrain Pre/Post Race

Post by Alaster »

Congrats Glyn Cooper, race winner! A so-so race for me, again a position lost because of some little mistakes. I'm sure I could have taken fifth place from the Captain without those errors. I started P9 and worked my way up the order. And then I spun it fighting with J Kim early on. Then the nerves kicked in and I could not establish any rhythm. From then on I was just chasing Cap, but everytime I would nibble at his lead I would make a mistake and he would pull away. I only got to sixth because of Josf's brakes failure. Still, I'll take the points. Thanks all for a great race.
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Re: 2013 ROUND 4: Bahrain Pre/Post Race

Post by Otto Acosta »

Congrats to Glyn for the win and to the podium finishers.

Sorry guys but a short time before qualifying began I received a call from work (I really had to take it :x ) and was not done with it until just after the lights went off. I joined in a lap down and raced for about 15 laps or so. Shortly after I stopped for new tires J Kim spun at T2 and I had no place to go, car was drivable so kept going but then...got another call from work so had to leave the race.

See you all in Spain in 3 weeks.
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Re: 2013 ROUND 4: Bahrain Pre/Post Race

Post by Glyn Cooper »

Surprised at my Pace as I was using a slightly modified set from last race I didn't make :) but seemed to work well here and I tend to usually go well here anyways.
Qually I was good and ran the primes and some fuel Q1 then in Q2 I knew after lookin at Q1 I would be a lot quicker with the option tires in Q2. Sure enough I was up there and then sat and watched people make a few errors trying to top it.
Then the race I figured my usual lack of finess at saving the tires with this mod would eventually loose me any chance of a victory here.
So figured I cant worry about them there tires and I should just go for it.
So early on started pushin and figured Stuff and the rest were wiser and saving there tires. Then after having a comfortable gap where I could push if I had to I made silly error going into the hairpin down that left hand hill. Then tried to avoid oncoming Jeff I think and was lucky I didn't take us both out as rears were spinning up. Then had to play catch up. I was faster than stuff I think but was making silly errors. Then pitted on lap 13 for primes figuring the option would not last with my style. I would pull up to about 9 secs or so to Stuff but he was matchin me and then he was out. Didn't know why so kept goin trying to keep gap behind and when I stopped final time had to put the options on and guess what they were lasting better than the primes so could push and didn't need to manage them after a while and took a easy victory for the team.
Now on to one of my fave tracks Spain. Hope I have as much luck there but I think a few here will have something to say about that.
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