Tire rules clarification

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Tire rules clarification

Post by JohnW » Wed May 15, 2013 6:30 pm

To all,

I had the need to read through our rules about the tire compounds and what penalty should be handed out for violating the rules. I found it was not clear enough so I will be updating the rules to make it so. It was also brought to my attention that other leagues, such as USF1, handle the tires and parc ferme differently, which could add to the confusion.

In a nut shell,

We try to simulate what the real F1 teams need to do. That means the tires are LOCKED down after qualifying. You must start the race on the same tires you used in the final Q session. If you change tires, that is a violation. For example , if your final qualifying lap(s) is on softs, then you much start the race on softs. You may ask why we have rFactor not locking the tires in the parc ferme settings. We don't because rFactor handles this badly. Put the tires in the list of not allowed to change, and you can't change tires at ALL in the race. So, we have the tire checker plugin to report what you used and when. During the race, you MUST use both supplied compounds. Just like the F1 teams are required to do.

So, what is the penalty for not using your tires correctly ? From now on, in nice clear text, it's going to be treated as unapproved equipment and your race will not be scored. In essence, you get a DQ. That is why you also must submit the tire checker log file that tells me all I need to know about your tire usage. Failure to give me the file within the proper time will also be dealt with by a DQ.

Hopefully, this clears up ANY issues with tire usage. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.

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