Post season thoughts - 2020

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Post season thoughts - 2020

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First off, I want to thank all of you who still actively participate in the races and those that will be able to, once you get all healed up, for showing up and racing with the rest of us. It's been 18 years of sim racing here, with different mods and platforms. If it wasn't for you guys having fun and wanting to return each year, I might have let the league fad away.

I decided to keep the pre-COVID F1 published schedule for our races, just to keep things as normal as possible and not have people burn out with all the double and triple headers the real guys had to do. I hope that worked for you. I suspect the 2021 F1 season may not be back to normal in time for the normal start date, so I don't know what our schedule will be. Keep checking back to find out ! I suspect I will work stuff out with SRH again.

We are taking a look at Assetto Corsa to see if it has improved enough to be a future F1 season platform. I'll post as we test things over the winter.

At the start of the season, it really looked like Rich Walcott was going to be almost unbeatable. But, in the end, he missed a few events, or wasn't winning, and Otto came through to win, again. Hats off to you, Otto.

I thought Glyn would be right in there, but he suffered equipment glitches and missed some races rebuilding his rig. Again , his lack of consistant points dropped him down to 4th as Rich Haynie surged late in the season and took 3rd in the championship.

The " if he only had a better internet connection " award goes to Adam. I don't know how many points he lost due to getting disco'd at the start of the race or during it, but was probably more than a few of us slower drivers combined. I'd like to give him props for getting much faster over the last two seasons as well as staying fast and on the track for the whole event.
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