2023 -Race2 Australia

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2023 -Race2 Australia

Post by JohnW »

Please note!

As of March 23, SRH edited the track. If you downloaded it before that date, you need to get it again!

I'll update the server. Air temp with still be 19c.
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Re: 2023 -Race2 Australia

Post by koolbrown »

Thanks everyone for the great race, boy was i ever rusty. Start was pretty clean and I probably could have overtaken a few cars but I didn't want to be that guy on my first race back so I opted to just hold my position and play it safe.

Once we started racing I settled in nicely where I belong, just outside of the points ready to capitalize if anything should go awry up front. On a side note I did mange to flat spot my right front tire and while I am sure there was some impact to doing so with my old Logitec G27, there is definately an effect when flat spotting a tire using the Fanatec equipment. For the rest of the first stint i had to fight the vibrations but it wasn't so severe that I had to come in. I was able to lap consistently in front of my teammate while we built a gap to the Haas cars behind.

A second lockup and it was time to pit and swap out that right front, I seemed to lose more time than most on my pit stop, although it was my first rfactor pit stop in quite some time. I thought there would be an audible prompt telling me to go, but there wasnt.

My second stint was mostly just trying to stay out of the leaders way, outside of a tricky overtake going in to fast right left section I think I managed to do not to badly. Once everyone pitted my teammate had a 5 second gap on me which I was able to get down to DRS range but then I cooked it on the penultimate lap and unsure of how much damage i had, i pitted on the last lap, again just to be safe. By that point my load cell leg was almost numb it had cramped up so bad and my back was screaming in pain from the tension of holding back the FF on the wheel.

It felt great and was such a relief to get a full race distance under my belt. Hopefully I can do well on Jeddah despite it being a track I have only raced once on F122.

Congrats to the Podium and to Richard for the win and congrats to my Teammate for keeping it clean and bringing home our first points of 2023.
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Re: 2023 -Race2 Australia

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Was good to see 15 drivers show up to race. After getting thru the melee at the start, I also settled down to get a good rhythm and consistency. Got past my teammate when he had an issue and went about trying to capitalize on anyone's misfortunes. My teammate had a little better overall pace and some laps later got back by. Started on softs so pitted on lap 16. Switched to mediums and ran consistent laps while letting the leaders by. By lap 42 I got some fresh mediums and somehow held off my teammate to finish 10th and score a point for the team. A big thanks goes out to koolbrown for his testing and sharing of data and a final fuel adjustment right before the race. We'll be looking to get both Redbulls in the points next round.
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