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Upcoming events

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2022 3:52 am
by JohnW
This year, rather than just try some different cars in our off season, I would like to invite anyone new to Sim Racing to join us and gain some skills so you can race in our normal events next season. Starting off in Sim Racing and getting in a race with seasoned racers can be very intimidating. How do you setup your car? How can you get better quickly? How does a live event work? How do you drive with real people vs. the AI cars in the sim?

This league has been around for 20 years and we've had drivers of all skill levels race with us. As long as you can learn to drive with your eyes open and race when you can, and let the fast drivers by when you need to, you can sim race here. The best thing you can do it get a base setup for a track and some instruction to help in low stress events. You can get on our Team Speak server and have live help when other guys from our league are on the track. Just ask nicely!

I'm going to start withp a relative easy car for this winter season and concentrate on the basics. Once we have a few events completed, I'll move up to a faster car. Hopefully, by the end of winter, we'll be doing laps in last seasons car and you could be ready for the 2023 season.

Register for the forum and add your name to the winter series sign-up list.

Re: Upcoming events

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2022 12:42 am
by JohnW
As the first car we're going to use:

Tatuus PM-18 or the Tatuus MSV F30-016 or 020.

They are an open wheel car with 250-275 HP. The PM-18 is listed as 275hp. It's easy to drive right out of the box. Even with the Long Gears option in the setup screen, it is not designed for long straights so the tracks we'll use it on are the shorter ones. These cars are in the rFactor 2 section of the Steam workshop. No cost. Just subscribe. They only have enough fuel for 12 laps, so I'll setup the server for 10 lap races, which we can simple repeat multiple times on the event date. that's actually a good thing because multiple sprint races allow multiple chances to get better race results.

The tracks I've picked for these cars are:

Watkins Glen International ( Shumi21 version )
Short course with no chicane. I may try out the chicane version because these cars are on the red line down that straight.

Riverside Raceway International
Short course. No real rev limit issue with this layout.

These are both in the Steam workshop.

I'll post a schedule soon. If you are reading this as a new to sim racing driver, I would encourage you to get some laps in on both tracks and then ask questions in the forum. Use the Winter/Rookie section to post your questions about setups, how to install the tracks and cars, and how to improve your lap times.

Re: Upcoming events

Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2022 2:34 am
by JohnW
The server is loaded up with the Tatuus cars and Watkins Glen.

Just look for " FiHS _Rookie_Series " in the rFactor Multiplayer lobby.