The rules -short version

The rulebook. A must read.
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The rules -short version

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Driving Rules: The simple version

Post by JohnW » Thu Nov 05, 2015 10:07 pm
We have a much more complete and DETAILED set of rules that I suggest everyone read that will cover just about ALL situations and questions you might have about how we expect you to drive in our league. That is the OFFICIAL rules that penalties will be based on. If you don't read those and then complain about your treatment, well, sorry. Find your attention span, where ever you left it, before "quality entertainment" became 30 second cat videos on YouTube, and " In depth conversation " was posting your breakfast menu on Facebook.

Here is the long version. Read this before you race

Here is the short and sweet version.

Drive like it is real.
It's really just that simple. If you drive like some console fiend on a new XBox and a free copy of Grand Theft Auto, you're time here will be blazingly short. I may even add your name to the wall of shame and use your chosen forum name in the replaced cuss words section. You don't want to be converted to an explicative , do you ? There are guys who spends hours and hours logging laps and working on the car and trying to get better. If you plow into them on lap one, your name WILL be used as a four letter word, trust me.

Assume that if they can't do it in the REAL world F1, it won't fly here.
That includes contact with other drivers. Pit lane speeds and entrance and exit lines. Tire usage. We have a replay to check out, to make SURE you do the right thing and we are NOT afraid to use it.

You connection issues are not our fault.
If you are half a world away and your pings make your car jump around and warp in and out of existence, you will be asked to remove yourself from the race.

Keep your wheels on the track.
The track has boundaries. Just like in the real F1, we expect you to stay within them. If you have questions about what a " 2 wheel rule " is, we have a nice separate topic that really, REALLY covers it. It's got pictures. You really have no excuses. If you STILL have questions, we will be happy to make sure they are answered. Also keep in mind that who ever built the track for use in rF2 set boundary lines and some of them are not always where you might hope they were. Certain corners on certain tracks can be easy to get a warning or penalties in rF2. That is not our doing and we aren't turning off all the track rules to keep anyone from getting flagged by the game. There is a forum thread on how to visually find the boundaries.

If you have an issue with another car on the track.
We have a process for handing out penalties and taking complaints. It's the stewards job to address these. Please contact them with the time stamp of the infraction and who it was with. Don't flame people in the forum. We want to keep it civil and professional. Posting walls of text about how you were wronged will not help your case. It will only annoy the people who have to read it all. We can not call you in for a stop and go or any of the penalties that the real F1 can. We are busy racing with you. However we can add time penalties and starting positions penalties or even race bans after the race.

If I think of anything else, I will add it here. Actually, I will insert some lines and add it ABOVE here, but you get the idea.
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