F1 will use a Turbo V-6 for 2014

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joshj81 wrote:
Steven_M wrote:I don't understand why people hate this so much. Its based on the evolution of society. I'm fine to go to six shooters, because I think we all know damn well they will be the finest and most exotic engines on the planet. I'm looking forward to seeing F1's take on six cylinders, just as I would be very interested in seeing them do all electric hybrids in 2020.

F1 is not about a stubborn, archaic mindset...if you're interested in that, go watch NASCAR where they still haven't figured out fuel injection! F1 is about utilizing new technology to the extremes of performance. And in our modern society, performance now means fuel efficiency, and I have no problem with that.
Actually, NASCAR is moving to Fuel Injection next year, via a huge deal with McLaren International. McLaren is supplying a FI standard system to all the teams in NASCAR. That is f'n cool. This is one way for F1 to start making more head way into the US.
Yeah, but my point is, NASCAR hasn't been capable of applying fuel injection until 2012. How long has fuel injection been common place its road cars? Its ludicrous and now they'll hype up fuel injection like its black fucking magic...its just lame ass Sh!te. Let alone they have to go to McLaren to get a working system...christ?! Way to play into the stereotype about American engineering being behind the world...
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Yes I can see and agree with the above
It is about bringing in the fans and keeping up with today's standards.

But they make them selves out to look like fools and contradict them selves.

When they make a lame statement like
These changes are to save fuel and Money
When in fact at the end of the day they are spending more and using about the same fuel.

I do know these V6 turbos are going to awesome
Try as they might to slow these guys down and they come back and break track records.

And the only people that will get this tech on the street are the rich and famous. Us poor folk (For the most part) will only dream ::):

Ruben M. 8)
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