Round 1: Australian GP

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Round 1: Australian GP

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There was some surprises and different names mentioned a lot, but, if you look at it, the teams you would expect did well. OK, it's nice to see Williams matter again. Too bad Massa got the pointy end of Kobayashi at lap 1, turn 1. My wife, who only knows F1 by what she has picked up from the TV being on in the room, asked how long it would be before this guy crashed out. As I look at the news, the FIA is saying he had no rear brakes, so they don't blame him. ALSO, checking the headlines, the new RedBull driver, who finished 2nd, Riccardo has be removed from the finish for using too high a fuel rate ! They are fighting the ruling saying the FIA supplied fuel meters have been bad up and down the pit lane. The first one was inaccurate, to they went to another one. Then when THAT one was also flakey, they were told to use the FISRT messed up one. They didn't do that. I hope they win that fight. I think both Lotus failed to finish.

It will be interesting to see how they stack up for the NEXT race. Who learns and who stays the same.
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Round 1: Australian GP First Lap

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Richard Haynie
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