Dialing out over steer

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Ruben Miranda
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Dialing out over steer

Post by Ruben Miranda »

Hello gents
Need help suggestions on my setup problem.

My biggest part I am fighting with is
I will call it over steer
What is happening is on turn in or even coming out of the corner the back in just comes around.
It is not under hard braking or high throttle.
I have tried
Higher wing: Only to lose top speed, it did help in high speed corners but not in slow corners.

Softer springs: this helped but mostly on exit or the corner

Steering lock: I am down to 13.5 anymore and i think the car will just go straight

Plus I have played with right hight, slow bump , fast bump the third spring and more.

Any suggestions or help.
It is driving me nuts and that is not a long drive. ::):

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Re: Dialing out over steer

Post by Higpup »

Try increasing rear rebound, and front bump. Also try increasing caster, that helps a bit.
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