2010 FIHS Season Recap: Rounds 1 thru 7

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2010 FIHS Season Recap: Rounds 1 thru 7

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The Fihs 2010 Championship is primed to enter its 8th round of the season but before we all back our bags and head off to La Belle Province, we take a look back at the season so far, and compare the teamate battles as drivers compete head to head amongst one another for intra team bragging rights.

2010 saw a new points system come into play as well as 4 new teams to contest the season. Virgin Racing, HRT, Lotus and USGP all made the grid for the opening round in Bahrain ready to stake their claim as the best of the new kids on the block.

Brawn Grand Prix are now Mercedes Grand Prix and they have last seasons world driver Champion Steven Matthies at the wheel of the car.

Bahrain was a real eye opener for favorites Ferrari and Mercedes. The boys from Renault showed unexpectantly quick pace all weekend and by the end of the race, Ricardo Gonzales was our first race winner of 2010 with his teamate Jordan Lee finishing in third alongside him on the Podium. Scott Brownwould go on to finish 10th at Bahrain handing Virgin F1 their first ever Championship point.

Australia, Malyasia and China would see the Ferrari team power their way to the top of the grid behind three straight victories from last seasons Championship runner up, Racer Scott Racer was clearly the man to beat winning hands down to stake an early lead as the favorite to win the 2010 WDC crown to go along with his 2009 WCC Championship he won at Williams last season. Racers teamate Pete also continued to post strong results and after an unfortunate DNF in Australia would go on to post back to back top 5 finishes the next two rounds, finally standing on the podium at China after a superb drive recovering from an early spin.

Virgin continued to lead the pack of the new teams while Red Bull and Williams seemed to be the best of the midlfield teams with JKIM and Sean Higgins both showing strong pace and an ability to get the car to the finish line with great consistency.

The Spainish Grand Prix saw newcomers JJ Addison, Nak, andSebastian Scott all make their FIHS debuts and honors went to JJ Addison who pickup up a Championship point for Lotus in his first Grand Prix.

Spain also saw the Mercedes team jump into the picture after a slow start as Josh Jensen picked up his first win of the season, while Ferrari rounded out the podium behind another solid effort from Racer and Pete.

As the scene shifted to the streets of Monaco it was clear that the Championship was wide open as Renault, Ferrari and Mercedes had all claimed the top step of the podium at least once in testing all three teams looked strong. Mercedes however was dealt a potential crippling blow when number 1 driver Steven Matthies got sent to the back of the grid for acting like a diva, and number 2 driver Jensen was relegated to back after his qualifying lap was thrown out. Starting from the back row of the grid Mercedes looked like they would be trying to salvage whatever they could from Monaco, but Jensen and Matthies clearly had other ideas. With a remarkable effort Jensen drove his way from last to first on the most challenging course in F1. His teamate followed right behind for a Mercedes 1-2 finish at Monaco, an outcome that was practically unimaginable at the start of the race.

Tim would bring his car home in 8th position handing USGP their first points ever at FIHS.

Turkey would see the Mercedes boys flip the order but duplicate their Monaco feat of a Mercedes 1-2. Ricardo Gonzales continued to score points for Renault and Ferrari while strong seemed to have lost something on Mercedes between China and Spain.

Teams have had three weeks to prepare for Canada and a Champion is far from crowned, as the scene shifts to North America can Racer Scott get his Ferrari back atop of the podium and anser the challenge thrown down by Mercedes. As for Mercedes, rumors of team turmoil abound as one insider says these two bicker so much that they make Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso look like best mates. Will Mercedes suffer as the upstart and the old champion battle for position, and their place in the pecking order.

the 2010 season is shaping up to be our most exciting ever, stay tuned as it plays out before our very eyes, and a new champion is crowned.
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Predict Virgin and Renault will be a factor in the top 5!
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i realy wana enjoy that in 2011 season or 2010 rockie season as no one is opened
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I'll announce a rookie session, tonight.
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